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This year our Giving Tuesday fundraiser will help us build our new and improved Student Lounge. We have begun to renovate but need support to fully outfit the environment. Thank you for your donations this week!


CABI School Store

The CABI School Store is student directed with staff support and is aimed towards educating students on several real world principles while selling delicious breakfast foods, beverages, and more. The program utilizes hands-on activities to provide practical experiences and teach simple economics such as customer service, making change, handling money, and identifying costs and profits. The store also promotes and strengthens social skills, responisiblities, and teamwork.

Teaching Economics, Responsiblities, and Teamwork

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CABI welcomes you to reach out with any questions that you may have regarding our services or to schedule a tour of our school facilities in collaboration with your local school system. We’re confident that our dedicated staff and welcoming environment will speak for themselves.