Student Activities & Events

Providing Opportunities for Social Interaction

Social Skills instruction at CABI is both a planned and incidental teaching event. Specific scheduled activities and events take place under the supervision of a BCBA with consultation from a Speech and Language Pathologist. These activities and events give students an optimal environment to develop the skills necessary to help increase social interactions and independence.

Student Government

We believe in the importance and positive impact that a student government has on morale, enthusiasm, and socialization within the school. Our student government promotes communication, leadership, long-term planning, and the development and maintenance of core principles/values. All students are encouraged to take part in this valuable program.

Field Trips

We organize field trips for our students throughout the year to provide excitement, anticipation, and a positive social environment for students to grow and thrive. The trips are structured and the itinerary is tailored to meet the needs of each student.

Social Events

School based social events allow us to strengthen our students’ coping mechanisms and social interaction skills, all while helping to prepare them for less structured events outside of school. These events and programs prepare students to react well to new people/situations and to help fortify their coping skills to thrive in previously difficult scenarios.

Summer BBQ

Summer always ends with a barbeque where the CABI families and staff spend a perfect fun-filled summer day together. Thank you for all of the support we receive from our families and staff who help make this happen!

YMCA Membership

Students of CABI also have the benefit of full access to the Greendale YMCA and all of their programs and facilities. With this membership, they can swim, play, exercise, and interact with other students in a controlled, positive environment.

CABI In The Community

The best way for our students to get a full education is by expanding their learning beyond the confines of a classroom with community involvement and planned events. These structured events ensure a safe, impactful way for students to interact with their peers, neighbors, and community leaders, thus strengthening their social and emotional skills.

Contact Us Today

CABI welcomes you to reach out with any questions that you may have regarding our services or to schedule a tour of our school facilities in collaboration with your local school system. We’re confident that our dedicated staff and welcoming environment will speak for themselves.