Transitional Services

Preparing Students for Independence

As students begin to reach transitional age, a vocational program is designed to help students develop the skills needed to succeed outside of the classroom. This program is an ideal combination of assessment based instruction and life skills training.

Assessment Based Vocational Services

CABI uses a structured research based curriculum utilizing the following components:

  • Student Interests

    Assessment is completed to ascertain each student’s particular interests

  • Aptitude of Skills

    Baseline assessment completed to better understand students’ current abilities on targeted skills

  • Success of Targeted Skills

    Data is maintained in order to ensure continued progress & success

  • Maintenance of Success

    Ongoing assessments ensure continued progress on targeted skills

Classroom to Community

At CABI, we are focused on utilizing the active community as a learning center. Our staff focuses on teaching life skills in the classroom and then guiding our students out in the community with real life activities. This approach promotes a continuous and integrated learning environment that ensures long term success.

Contact Us Today

CABI welcomes you to reach out with any questions that you may have regarding our services or to schedule a tour of our school facilities in collaboration with your local school system. We’re confident that our dedicated staff and welcoming environment will speak for themselves.